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Plan, Engage, and Execute – Launch PSA Campaigns That Connect

Planned and executed strategically, public service ad campaigns can help nonprofits build their brand image while netting millions of dollars’ worth of free advertising space and airtime. But no [...]

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For Social Cause Advertising, Try ‘Disenfranchise Marketing’

Most people in the business of marketing have carved out a niche in one of the respective disciplines - advertising, promotion, public relations, direct response, etc. Regardless of which [...]

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Using PSA Values to Help Your Fund Raising
What You Don’t Know About Non-Profit Accounting Practices Can Hurt You

Most non-profit organizations which create and distribute public service advertising (PSA) campaigns do not take full advantage of the usage and dollar values generated from these media outreach initiatives. [...]

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How You Can Use Evaluation Data to Fine-Tune Your PSA Program

Developing a comprehensive evaluation system for your PSA program is critical to measuring your success and being able to justify the worth of your efforts. In the old days [...]

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