Preparing Your Master Materials

If you are a producer or ad agency and are confused as to what type of master materials you should provide to your distributor, go to and you will find everything you need to ensure your materials are properly labeled, recorded and mastered.

Creating a PSA Partnership

Our principal, Bill Goodwill, spoke to the U.S. Air Force Recruiting Marketing Conference on the subject of Creating a PSA Partnership which you can view at: USAF_PRESENTATION_4_24_10.ppt.

In his presentation, the roles and functions of the advertising agency, distributor, evaluator are all discussed and how they all should work together to create a seamless PSA campaign model such as shown here.


New Articles

Does Promotion Really Work?

When we prepare cost estimates for PSA distribution – TV in particular – there is a line item listed as "Promotion," and then a description of the tactics we use to promote our client campaigns. While it is a fairly modest cost in the total scheme of things, clients typically ask "why do I need to do these things – what does promotion do for my campaign?"


PSA Campaign Preparation – A Producer’s Guide

Our role as a PSA distributor begins when the master materials are delivered to us. Typically, we have nothing to do with the creative process, but if there is one thing we understand, it is PSA usage practices, as that is our stock in trade.


Being National and Local: How to engage community partners in your issue

Imagine for a moment that you are the director of marketing for a major corporation with a field sales force of people around the country. When trying to increase product sales, would you overlook your sales force? Would you ignore or circumvent your partners out there pounding the pavement, day in and day out, like Willy Loman, with a shoeshine and a smile?


Building Your Brand Via PSAs

Planned and executed strategically, public service ad campaigns can help non-profits build their brand image while netting millions dollars worth of free advertising space and airtime. But no matter how enticing the promise of a great return on investment may be, creating and deploying public service campaigns that actually work can be a major challenge.

How to Place Public Service Advertising in Your Community: A Primer on Local PSA Outreach

This article is an excellent primer for anyone working in the field of public service advertising at the national or local level. It begins by defining the terms and then outlines what the media is or is not obligated to do under FCC regulations. The most useful information may be in outlining how community partners can place PSAs locally. It has appeared in the only book published on the subject of Public Service Advertising and will soon appear in the VFW Public Relations Handbook distributed to 14,000 VFW posts nationwide.

Involving Your Community Partners in PSA Program Development: How to Bridge the Gap Between National and Local Interests

This article is must-reading for anyone at the national level charged with planning and implementing a national PSA campaign. It begins with the simple premise that you have to develop messages that resonate with the media, not just your audience. It discusses the mindset of local public service directors, which is important in terms of getting them to embrace your message and cause.

How to Launch a Record-Setting Radio Campaign

March of Dimes & Goodwill Communications Educate
the Public About the Problem of Premature Babies

This article discusses the strategies and tactics that resulted in the most successful radio campaign ever evaluated by Goodwill Communications.

New Movement

Goodwill Communications is joining with dozens of other vendors and contractors which provide services to the federal government in an attempt to protest against awarding contracts which are illegal set-asides to favored businesses.

If you own a small Business, or if you are involved in any professional skill that supplies services to our Federal government, you should join this movement. It is free to join – all we need is your support or your skill if you decide to volunteer your services. If you do not, you have no one to blame when you see work that could be going to you or your firm being handed out to those that have a better lobby in Washington. Go to the website which is under construction to register at OPENCOMPETITION.BIZ.



Getting on the Hollywood Radar Screen

Entertainment Industries Council and
Goodwill Communications Sign Collaborative Agreement

No one questions the fact that Hollywood can have a tremendous influence on what the rest of us see, do and feel about important health and social concerns. Since 1983, The Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC). has been engaging the creative community - writers, producers, and other entertainment influencers- in important national health and social issues. In announcing the collaborative agreement, Brian Dyak, EIC’s President, said: “While we are involved with more of the front-end of content and message development, what Goodwill Communications brings to the table is the distribution component. We look forward to breaking new ground with Goodwill Communications and expanding our message reach.”

How to Reach People While They Are Pumping Gas:

Goodwill Communications & PumpTop TV Sign Distribution Agreement

The PumpTop TV network reaches a captive audience of motorists at service stations and convenience stores nationwide and delivers messages to more than 20 million motorists each month on 12,600 high-definition LCD screens. The new service has agreed to distribute CablePAK, a shared-reel PSA distribution service we pioneered 18 years ago, via its network of pump top TV screens located at service stations and convenience stores nationwide, including 15 of the top DMAs.

State Broadcast Associations

We have recently updated and posted a list of every state broadcast association in the country, which in turn are comprised of member TV and radio stations within the state. Many of them have their own outreach channels such as newsletters, workshops, conferences, etc. to communicate with their member stations. Click on the link below to bring up the list.



"Can I Have Some Prime With Top Markets on the Side?"

Is Print Media Dead?

"Parsing the PSA Effect"

Need for PSA Evaluation Standards

PSA Myths



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