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Goodwill Communications & PumpTop TV Sign Distribution Agreement

Burke, VA – April 7, 2010 Talk about a captive audience…what else do you do while you are pumping gas? How about if you saw a video at the gas station that gave you a chance to do something to help humanity, or your local community? After all, you need gas anyway, and if you can learn about a way to help society at the same time, this is truly multi-tasking.

It is here and you can do it now via PumpTop TV, which has signed an agreement to distribute CablePAK public service advertising messages (PSAs) via video screens at gas stations throughout their gas station network. CablePAK is a cable distribution service that involves sending PSAs to 500 major cable systems twice a year.

The PumpTop TV network reaches a captive audience of motorists at service stations and convenience stores nationwide and delivers messages to more than 20 million motorists each month on 12,600 high-definition LCD screens.

The PumpTop TV network will feature PSAs from Goodwill Communications’ CablePAK semi-annual distribution service which you can learn about at:

The CablePAK service which has been in existence the past 15 years, combines a variety of client PSAs on a single dub and is distributed to 500 leading cable systems in the spring and fall. On average, each client’s PSAs generate a total of $850,000 in verified advertising support, in 41 states, 147 cities and on 155 stations.

“We are excited about using this new advertising venue to reach people on the go
where there is very little distraction and no opportunity to zap out the commercials,” said Bill Goodwill, CEO of Goodwill Communications.

According to Lauren Nesmith, Traffic Manager of PumpTop TV, we are looking forward to using the CablePAK TV PSAs because they are produced with good production values to engage our audience and at the same time represent topical, important issues that we care about as an organization,” she said.

About PumpTop TV

PumpTop TV is a leading nationwide digital media network located at-the-pump. Utilized by major brands such as Audi, Rolaids, Jack in the Box and BestBuy, PumpTop TV delivers a captivated audience of millions of consumers each week via engaging and fully programmed mix of entertaining content and advertising. The network is owned and operated by AdtekMedia, Inc., a leading out-of-home digital media provider that combines inventory management and sales tools for out of home ad units and content insertion. The company has partnered with Westinghouse Digital, one of the leading LCD TV manufacturers in the U.S., to develop and deploy innovative, all-weather digital signage hardware that seamlessly integrates with AdtekMedia’s sophisticated, proprietary network software. Available nationwide, AdtekMedia continues to expand the PumpTop TV network into top metropolitan markets throughout the United States. Through the company’s groundbreaking joint venture with Outcast, advertisers can now reach a captive audience of more than 20 million motorists each month on 12,600 screens at service stations and convenience stores nationwide, including 15 of the top DMAs. For more information, please visit

About Goodwill Communications, Inc.

Goodwill Communications is an advocacy advertising firm that provides clients with a complete spectrum of post-production services for public service advertising campaigns, including replication, packaging, distribution and evaluation in all media. In the past 25 years Goodwill Communications has distributed more than 700 national public service advertising campaigns on issues ranging from highway safety to responsible parenting for nearly 100 federal agencies and non-profit organizations. The firm also operates the only on-line research library dedicated to public service advertising called the PSA Research Center at